About Us

How We Met

Technically Michele and Christopher first met at a party at Yale in the spring of 1995. Chris was looking sad and Michele took pity on him and asked him to dance. He said yes and they danced one dance. That was it until the end of the party when he gave her and a friend a ride home. At least that's how Michele tells the story. Unfortunately Chris doesn't quite remember it with that amount of detail.

After this brief encounter they did not meet again until that summer. Chris had just graduated and was trying to figure out what to do with his life. Having worked for L.E.A.P. the previous summer, he decided to work for them one last summer. Michele had just finished her first year at Yale and she was looking for employment in New Haven that would provide her with summer housing. L.E.A.P. is a non-profit that works with school-age children in high poverty urban neighborhoods. The summer program is eight weeks and requires that the counselors live in the same neighborhood as the children. As luck would have it, Michele and Chris were both assigned to the same neighborhood. Living in the same house for eight weeks they became close friends (Chris remembers much more details about the summer).

When the summer ended, Chis and Michele went their separate ways but remained friends and kept in touch. Although they dated other people and were living on separate coasts, their friendship started to become somthing more. They saw each other whenever they got the chance but things really started to get serious in 1999 when Chris moved to New York to start grad school at NYU. Michele was finishing her Masters in Education at Harvard. Now that they were only five hours apart, they started officially dating. When Michele graduated she moved to New York City to be with Christopher.

The Proposal

Now living in Brooklyn, their relationship grew until it became obvious to everyone, even to Christopher, that they should get married. Michele's mother even got in on the action, secretly giving Chris her engagement ring. After asking Michele's father for his daughter's hand and finding a new setting for the diamond, Chris began planning the proposal. He wanted to take Michele to a 24-hour French bistro they had first visited one spontaneous evening back in the summer of 1995. It was getting close to Christmas and Chris wanted to pop the question before the holiday.

In a nice confluence of events the night Chris picked was also the night that his father's family was celebrating Shirley Hazzard's National Book Award. Michele thinking that Chris might propose believed that the celebration was just a cover story. You can imagine her disappointment when they actually went to the event. Chris meanwhile was wondering how he would be able to get her to a restaurant afterwards. As it turned out, it a lovely evening filled with great conversation, wine and light hors d'oeuvres. Afterwards Chris was happy to hear Michele say, "I'm so hungry take me to dinner." He replied, "I know the perfect place. We went there eight years ago." Michele said, "You're taking me to McDonalds?" Apparently she didn't remember that spontaneous evening with a great amount of detail.

After a gentle reminder and a wonderful dinner, Chris proposed. A teary-eyed Michele said yes.

The Future

Michele and Chris are still living in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn. They plan on buying a home, or the affordable New York equivalent, in the coming year. Michele is currently working as an educational consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton (she just got a promotion!) and Chris is doing freelance computer consulting and teaching multimedia classes at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (he's hoping to start on a tenured track there in the fall).